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Message from Leadership

Board of directors

Chairman of the Board:

Peter Ireton, Ireland

Board members:

Prof. Dr. Mîndra Badea, Romania

Prof. Dr. Ioan Hosu, Romania

Viorel Bunea,  Romania

Eliade Rotariu, Romania

Open Fields CEO

Dr. Ovidiu Spînu, Romania

Board member:

Gary Parrish, USA

Letter from the Chairman of the Board,

Peter Ireton



It has been both a challenging and rewarding year. We have worked hard to accomplish our goals and objectives and most of all to lift men and women out of poverty, helping them find a way to reach self sustainability.


Since assuming the Chairmanship of then Heifer Romania, now Open Fields, I have been greatly heartened by the dedication, enthusiasm and professionalism of the small elite team headed by Dr Ovidiu Spinu. I know that Open Fields is taking steps in the right direction. The needs are huge and I can say with confidence that our organisation is willing to do the absolute best to accomplish its mission: care for the people and the environment.


Speaking as the chairman of Open Fields I feel that there is a very strong relationship with the Irish organisation, Bóthar, for several years now and that we are very important to each other. We complement each other. The impact of our work has improved thanks to this great partnership that we have. We all know there are very exciting times ahead because of the final separation with Heifer International, but I can see the future is looking optimistic. We rely on everybody for their input, to help put this jigsaw together and face the future together. This is how both organisations were built, by listening to our donors, to our staff, to our board members all of the time.


At this exciting intersection of Heifer International's exit and Open Fields' future, I am honored to provide guidance and support to this extraordinary team. I just want to assure you that Open Fields is always on my mind.





Peter Ireton,

Chairman of the Open Fields Board

Founder of Bóthar Ireland

Letter from the CEO of Open Fields Foundation,

Dr. Ovidiu Spînu



After 25 years of serving communities with full support from Heifer International, we proudly continue to accomplish the mission of serving the poor and those in need of our assistance and keeping the environment healthy, as a new entity: OPEN FIELDS Foundation.


Heifer International has operated in Central and Eastern Europe for more than two decades, developing small private farms and encouraging community development to end hunger and poverty following the collapse of communism in the region, and the social and economic hardships that followed. During this time, Heifer International has contributed to changing countless lives for the better, including more than 400,000 families around the world, in FY15 alone. This progress would not be possible without the dedication and determination of Heifer colleagues who have worked tirelessly through the years to build strong communities throughout the region, and through the support of thousands of donors. To truly end poverty, Heifer must work where we can reach more smallholder farmers in fewer locations to maximize our limited resources. Three years ago, Heifer International completed a full review of its impact vs resources invested and began the difficult process of exiting Central/Eastern Europe program countries. Accordingly, CEO Cabinet has made the difficult decision to initiate the transition process for Heifer Romania as well.  Heifer will phase out funding to support existing staff and infrastructure by the end of fiscal year 2017.


We could not be celebrating the achievements of our projects without recognizing the incredible efforts of you, our founders, partners, supporters and staff members. In these challenging times of transition towards a new entity, Open Fields Foundation received a tremendous support from Mr. Peter Ireton, the Chairman of the Board of Directors and board members who intensified their work of guidance and support.


•  Open Fields continues to support the development of communities in different areas of our country through our projects implemented with the support of: Danone Ecosystem, Swiss-Romanian Cooperation Programme , Norway Grants, and with the support of Heifer International an umbrella project for empowering Roma women.


•  Our expertise and impact is stronger through the long-lasting partnerships with international entities like Bothar, Rotary International, and US  Universities like: Perdue University, University of Georgia, St. Andrews University, from Austin, TX.


•  Our organization is an active member in the Euromontana - the European Association of Mountain Areas, Agro-Transilvania Cluster and the National Rural Development Network . We are actively involved and we regularly attend various regional and national fairs, conferences, seminars and different activities that overlap our mission of caring for people and the environment.


Open Fields will stay close to Heifer's mission of focusing on the poor and nature. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Heifer International and to its donors, who had a crucial role in building a strong and highly respected NGO in Romania.


On behalf of all the rural communities we assist, I would like to thank all those who continue to be involved in our projects, who are willing to make a difference in the lives of the poor and disadvantaged. With your generosity, we can bring hope for a better future.





Dr. Ovidiu Spînu,

Open Fields CEO





Str. Mihai Romanul nr. 19, 400472 Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Tel.: +40 264 403 680 | office@openfields.ro