Dairy Cows for poor people from Transylvania

The poor rural people in Transylvania face high levels of unemployment, finding work where they can, but do not earn enough to cover the basic needs of their families. For the targeted communities the average income per household is around 100 USD, a third of the families in the rural areas do not have how to cover their day-to-day basic needs, and one in every eight children goes to sleep hungry every night. One family has between 5-10 members according to the local authorities and the Resource Center for Roma Communities. Roma have low access to public services and are routinely discriminated. Negative stereotypes and prejudices toward the Roma are deeply rooted in the public consciousness. The targeted villages have Roma and non-Roma population. In all these locations the Roma are not involved in community life, so thorough this intervention we aim to bridge this social gap. Merging the Roma families in the village life and involving non-Roma families in project development and implementation represents a way of turning a challenge into opportunity.


Initiated in 2017

Closed Program

Total Budget: 65,000 Eur

Financed by: Bothar, Ireland & DOW Agrosciences, USA

The goal of this project is to lift out of poverty 30 Roma and non Roma families, which are now struggling to put food on their tables. Through the development of social capital and engaging into a pro poor wealth creating dairy value chain these families become models of sustainable small holder farming systems.

The project takes advantage of good local animal breeding conditions and opportunities of accessing the market and creates an income generating model for poor small holders. With the support of DOW Agro Science, we will donate 30 pure breed Holstein Frisian heifers (young pregnant cows) to 30 poor families in the poor villages located from Transylvania.

A donation of a cow per family solves the nutrition problem, generates income by the sale of extra milk and also gives the family an occupation and self-esteem. Open Fields Foundation will prepare the community and will select first recipients based upon a set of transparent criteria.


Training in animal breeding and small agriculture supplies will be offered along with the livestock. The project will be open for anyone, but will primarily serve the poorest and most marginalized members of the community. The project’s key concept is that each recipient must pass on to another poor family the first female offspring of the animal they receive.


This practice ensures that each participant in the program becomes a donor, enhancing dignity and participation in each project.


Passing on the Gift also helps communities to become self-sustaining.





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