Open Fields Foundation, together with Civitas Foundation as program operator and the Romanian-American Foundation as the main sponsor propose a new project: “The FOOD HUB”, following a model successfully implemented in the United States and in several European countries.


In the North East of Romania, as in many parts of the world, small producers of agro-food industry struggle to access the market and the potential consumers of these traditional products have little access to them. The business initiated and operated by Open Fields Foundation through a specialized economic entity will create a bridge between local small and medium scale farmers and processors and the consumers who want authentic products: traditional, local, tasty, healthy at a fair price.


Initiated in 2017

Closed Program

Total Budget: 230,000 USD

Financed by: The Romanian-American Foundation & Open Fields Foundation

Simply collecting and organizing a diverse product market that flows through the different channels to the final consumer is not enough. Providing assistance and training to producers in areas relevant to them, and consumer information and awareness is an important element of this program. In a wider consortium created by partners put together with other players (such as those in the central and local government, research and education units, politicians, formal and informal opinion leaders alongside the civil society), we propose to launch a public discussion on this subject.

By the end of the project, the small and medium producers will benefit through the Food Hub of an important distribution channel to different markets, will have a sustainable development and diversification governed by the laws of competition. The producers will be paid correctly and on time and they will have access to an information data base and relevant experts for their field of activity. The customers, on the other hand, will benefit from these healthy, tasty products loaded with local cultural footprint that contributes to strengthening local brand.




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