Transition from education to employment is very problematic for young adults from dis-advantaged groups. For example, there is still a big gap between Roma and Non-Roma youth when it comes to completion of upper secondary education (including professional schools).


 In addition, young adults from vulnerable groups are confronted with various obstacles which make it difficult for them to enter the labour market, such as stereotypes and discrimination, lacking support from parents, limits put by coming from families with low household incomes (e.g. transportation),  lack of soft skills and networks for effective job applications and lack of support after employment or the mentality of very traditional patriarchal structures (in the case of girls’ education).


As an overall objective, the project works towards a situation where socially disadvantaged young adults, including those from Roma communities, have better access to decent work.


In order to achieve this, the project addresses the transition from 8th grade to professional education on the one hand, while on the other hand strengthening the links between employers, job seekers, school inspectorate and professional schools in order to improve the quality of professional education to enhance the employment perspectives of young graduates of professional schools.


Around 1000 7th and 8th grade students will benefit from career orientation, 360 socially disadvantaged girls and their 240 families will be supported to complete secondary school and enter into professional education, while around 1000 graduates of professional schools will benefit from information, counsel-ling and better links to employers until the end of the project.


Iniţiat în 2021

Program Activ

Buget Total: 1.369.847 CHF

Finanţat de: Hilti şi HEKS/EPER Regional Program for Social Inclusion and Equality in Eastern Europe

The project also builds the capacities of teachers and employers and the school inspectorate to better understand and support the socially disadvantaged students or employees. Moreover, it aims at strengthening professional education by im-proving the abilities of professional schools to cooperate with the private sector and by contributing to the quality of practical education in private and public companies.


 The project is carried out in partnership with HEKS / EPER Romania Foundation, Hilti and the Sibiu Orthodox Philanthropy Association.





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