Greening the Agro-Tourism

Business in Romania

Together with NIBIO (The Norwegian Institute of Bioeconomy Research) and OVR Agro-Tur-Art Foundation as a local partner, Open Fields implemented a project, based on improving the waste water and manure management systems in rural areas and educating the rural population on the importance of responsibly managing waste.


This project is benefic to whole Romania because the wa stewate rs , d o m e st i c wa ste a n d m a n u re management systems, especially in rural areas, are characterized by insufficient protection of the water resources, a very low percentage of population being connected to sewage and waste water treatment systems, malfunctioning of the existent treatment stations and overall incompliant waste management. Manure management systems are rare in Romania and implementing such systems will prevent groundwater contamination and can be efficiently used as fertilizer.


Initiated in 2016

Active Program

Total Budget: 218,675 Eur

Financed by: Innovation Norway & Heifer

"Romanian-Norwegian as a living partnership is very important to us. The second very important thing is innovation. And innovation does not mean doing something that no one has ever done before, but to import something new in the area, as we did with these green waste water management systems"

reckons Open Fields CEO, Dr. Ovidiu Spînu

The project's objectives:


1. Two practical models of waste water were created. These environmental friendly systems using reed- bed filters are unique to Romania, being developed  with support from NIBIO.


2. Greening   waste   management systems for 60

subsistence-farming households.


3. Best practices guide for successful replication of greening the rural tourism industry.

On March 30th, 2016 held in Sighetu Marmatiei, Maramures the closing conference of the project, took place in the presence of a broad group of participants, including Her Excellency Mrs. Tove Bruvik Westberg, Norway Ambassador in Romania and other representatives from the local authorities, environmental clearance, Romanian waters, Rotary club members, NGO representatives, plus others interested in the project.

Mrs. Ambassador Westberg appreciated the good cooperation of the Romanian and Norwegian partners in this project and outlined the fact that environmental protection has become one of the pillars of sustainable development:


"It is a pleasure to be here today with you and find out more about the project which ends today, one with evident results. Today, the future of Europe cannot be planned without taking into account the principles of sustainable development, environmental protection is one of the main pillars. Norway is determined to become one of the most innovative and green economies in the world, and we are glad to see such initiatives being implemented in Romania. "

Authorities in Maramures were very pleased with this project and stated that such systems should be implemented not only in Maramures but all across the country.




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