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At Open Fields, we promote creativity and innovation in our day-to-day activities and also in designing unique projects.


Based on the "PASSING ON THE GIFT" philosophy, the trademark of our founders, Heifer International we build sustainable, efficient projects, highly appreciated and even replicated by other organizations.


Integrated projects, such as "Sustainable Agriculture Models in the Romanian Mountain Area" project, developed through the Swiss Development Cooperation, modernized the mountain dairy sheep breeding from its first step: the earth, the water and the grass all the way to the last step - the sheep cheese products. An innovative example in the social field are the projects "FARMERS FEED THE CHILDREN" and "MILK FOR ORPHANS" that represent the bridge between the farmers, beneficiaries of dairy cows, that send their fresh, rich products to the most vulnerable people orphans, hospitalized children and youth at risk.


Another chapter opened by Open Fields is the agricultural program initiated for Roma people in Transylvania. Project partners received dairy goats or cows, becoming the first generation involved in agriculture from their families. They are not just given the animal, but also trained in animal breeding, farming and other important issues such as environment protection, social responsibility, gender, nutrition and income.

In the Environmental fields we are the first in Romania who advocated and built a biological environmental friendly waste water system, using reed bed filters as an alternative to the conventional systems.


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