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Irish Farmers' Visit

Bóthar is an Irish organization that assists needy families to overcome, hunger, malnutrition and poverty in a simple sustainable manner: livestock. The living gift of a farm animal gives a struggling family the opportunity to improve their circumstances and, by working with their animal over time, to raise themselves up to a position of relative comfort.


Bóthar first began supporting projects in Romania in 2001. Over the last 15 years, Bóthar's support extended from fish and sheep projects to dairy cows. Through this partnership between Open Fields and Bóthar, and the „passing on the gift” component several thousands of people have benefitted from this gitft. Over 600 heifers left their Irish farms to find a new home and make a real difference for a struggling familiy in Romania. There is a very strong relationship with Bóthar for several years now and we complement each other the impact of our work has improved thanks to this great partnership that we have.

In July, with the occasion of the transition event, we had the privilege to host a group of Irish famers that have been donating heifers to Bothar since its beginnings.


The group had the chance to visit communities from three different villages and also be part of the celebration that took place in Central Transylvania, in Viscri. The farmers were touched by the life stories of the beneficiaries they met and the impact the livestock can have on a family in need. They left encouraged to continue their support, and help not just a family but empower a whole community.




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